Medical College

1. Allegations unveil a troubling alliance between brokers and medical personnel at Assam Medical College.
2. Patients are reportedly redirected to private labs, purportedly for blood bank and test services.
3. The scheme implicates brokers and medical staff, raising serious ethical concerns.

Dibrugarh, May 17: A concerning nexus between brokers and medical staff has been exposed at Assam Medical College in Dibrugarh. Allegations suggest patients are diverted to private labs under the guise of blood banks and tests.

Patients, especially from vulnerable backgrounds, are reportedly directed to specific labs by brokers who receive hefty commissions. This exploitative practice has drawn criticism from BJP’s Dibrugarh district president, Ujjwal Kashyap.

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Social media played a crucial role in highlighting this issue, leading to a response from Assam Medical College authorities.

Kashyap revealed prescriptions from doctors directing patients to private labs, implicating medical personnel in the scheme