Guwahati CCTV

Guwahati, Jan 12: The new flats coming up in Guwahati should mandatorily install CCTVs for the better security of the people living in flats, Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

Speaking to media persons, Sarma stated, “It will be compulsory for the new flats in Guwahati to set up CCTV. Working parents who stay away and keep their children at home will have to install CCTV. Home where elderly parents stay alone and children stay outside the country will have to install CCTV.”

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“These CCTV will have to have 30 days’ storage. Assam police will complete installing CCTV in the city by October this year. In no time through a public-private partnership, we can have 50,000 CCTV installed. Police will serve proper legal notice if there is any crime against the house owner before accessing their CCTVs. There will be no infringement of private life,” Sarma added.

The Assam government has proposed to bring legalization in this regard in the state assembly.