Assam Covid

Guwahati, March 24: After a lull of four months, Covid has resurfaced in Assam with the detection of two positive cases in the past five days.

A patient from Maharashtra infected with Covid has been admitted to a hospital in Guwahati, State Health Minister Keshab Mahanta said on Thursday. The new case was discovered on Wednesday after testing 30 samples. Health Department sources said the number of cases could rise if testing were stepped up.

The lack of screening poses a new threat of Covid infection, although the state health department has yet to step up screening at ports of entry.

Currently, 2% of foreign travelers are randomly tested at Guwahati Airport, but there is no such rule for domestic travelers. The government has not yet imposed any tests in train stations and shopping malls.

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Only some hospitals have the testing infrastructure and some of the suspected cases are tested. Despite the outbreak in some states, Department of Health officials here in Assam said there have been no reported cases of Covid recently.

A patient from Maharashtra is being treated at a private hospital in Guwahati and is being monitored by the health service. The previous case detected five days ago was a health worker from Kamrup (Metro).

Sources within the state health ministry said that, as in previous waves of Covid, the Assam government will be following the center’s guidance this time.

“We are waiting for the Union health ministry’s directives on testing and treatment protocols. The Assam government is unlikely to bring fresh Covid curbs without the Centre’s instruction,” said the source.