Cyclone Michaung

1. Cyclone Michaung weakens into a Deep Depression over Central Coastal Andhra Pradesh.
2. Damages include 770 kilometers of roads, the uprooting of 35 trees, and the loss of three livestock.
3. Approximately 40 lakh people in 194 villages and two towns are affected, with 25 villages inundated.

Hyderabad, Dec 06: Cyclonic storm Michaung, which left a path of destruction, has weakened into a Deep Depression over Central Coastal Andhra Pradesh after crossing the coast. The storm caused significant damage, including 770 kilometers of road damage, uprooting 35 trees, and losing three livestock.

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s Office reported that nearly 40 lakh people from 194 villages and two towns were affected, with 25 villages facing inundation.

The impact of Michaung resulted in at least 12 fatalities due to rain-related incidents. The Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority Director, BR Ambedkar, mentioned a tragic incident where a four-year-old boy lost his life after a hut wall collapsed on him in Tirupati district on Monday.

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Another person died in Bapatla district, with the Superintendent of Police, Vakul Jindal, indicating that the cause of death was unrelated to the cyclone.

Per the latest bulletin from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the Cyclonic Storm has weakened into a Deep Depression, centered about 100 km north-northwest of Bapatla and 50 km southeast of Khammam. The IMD forecasted further weakening into a Depression within the next 6 hours and then into a marked pressure area in the subsequent 6 hours.

After making landfall in Andhra Pradesh, the southern districts of Odisha are on high alert as the intensity of rainfall is expected to increase due to the storm’s impact on Tuesday night.