Cyclone Remal

1. Cyclone ‘Remal’ intensifies, set for severe landfall between Bangladesh and West Bengal by Sunday midnight.
2. IMD warns of winds up to 120 kmph and gusts reaching 135 kmph.
3. Concerns rise for safety and preparedness, especially in West Bengal’s coastal areas and Kolkata.

Kolkata, May 26: Cyclone ‘Remal’ has intensified into a severe cyclonic storm, expected to make landfall between Bangladesh and West Bengal by Sunday midnight, with winds ranging from 110 to 120 kmph and gusts up to 135 kmph, as per the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

Anticipating exceptionally severe rainfall, especially in West Bengal’s coastal regions and Kolkata, the storm prompts significant concerns for safety and preparedness.

In response, the Indian Navy is gearing up for a credible Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) response, following current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

As a precautionary measure, Kolkata airport will shut down operations from 1200 Hrs on May 26 to 0900 Hrs on May 27 due to severe cyclone conditions, leading to the cancellation of all Air India flights to and from the city during this period.

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Moreover, Indian Railways has cancelled several trains in light of the cyclone threats.

On May 26, trains including the Howrah-Digha Kandari Express (train number 22897) and the Panskura-Digha EMU Passenger Specials (train numbers 08137 and 08139) will not operate.

Additionally, on May 27, the Digha-Panskura EMU Passenger Specials (train numbers 08136 and 08138) will be cancelled.

On May 26, the Digha-Puri Superfast Weekly Train (train number 22889) will operate from Kharagpur instead of Digha.

To aid those affected by the cyclone, Kolkata Police has issued helpline numbers (9432610428 and 9432610429), recognizing the potential destruction and urging residents to stay vigilant and seek assistance if needed.