Cyclone Sitrang

Kolkata, Oct 22: The system over the Bay of Bengal that is expected to intensify as Cyclone Sitrang is probable to move closer to Bangladesh, sparing Kolkata the worst, the Met workplace stated on Friday.

Diwali, which falls on Monday, continues to be probable to be wet in Kolkata.

But there’s not likely to be any large-scale harm due to rain and winds, in keeping with the forecast.

“The gadget is anticipated to transport northwestwards until the early hours of Monday. Then, simply earlier than intensifying right into a cyclone, it’s far anticipated to take a recurve and flow north first after which northeast. Though the gadget is anticipated to heighten right into an extreme cyclonic hurricane, it’s far probable to transport closer to Bangladesh,” stated G.K. Das, director, of India Meteorological Department (IMD), Kolkata.

“If the hurricane sticks to the projected direction, Kolkata is probable to get mild to slight rainfall on Monday and Tuesday, alongside occasional gusts of wind.”

A forecast track issued by the Met bulletin on Friday suggested as much.

The path shows a northward turn when the system is a deep depression far off from the coast and then a slight northeastward turn, moving away from the Odisha coast and heading towards Bangladesh.

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“The low-stress location over the north Andaman Sea and adjacent regions of the south Andaman Sea and the southeast Bay of Bengal persists. It could be very probable to transport west-northwestward and listen right into despair over east-principal and adjacent the southeast Bay of Bengal around October 22 and right into deep despair on October 23,” stated a Met bulletin on Friday.

“Subsequently, it’s far very probable to recurve northwards and accentuate right into a cyclonic hurricane over the west-principal and adjacent east-principal Bay of Bengal via way of means of October 24. Thereafter, it’s far probable to transport regularly north northeastwards and attain close to West Bengal-Bangladesh coasts on October 25,” the bulletin stated.

The system is anticipated to show right into a cyclone early on Monday and an extreme cyclonic hurricane on Tuesday evening. The identical bulletin stated heavy rain is probable in North and South 24-Parganas and Purba Medinipur districts on Monday and Tuesday. The depth of the rain is probable to head up on Tuesday.

The 3 districts are probable to look winds blowing at 45-55kmph with gusts of 65kmph on Monday. On an identical day, Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly, and Paschim Medinipur are probable to get winds clocking 40kmph.

On Tuesday, a few islands withinside the Sunderbans in North and South 24-Parganas and wallet via way of means of the ocean in Purba Medinipur are probable to be buffeted via way of means of winds clocking 100kmph. Kolkata, Howrah, Hooghly, and Paschim Medinipur are probable to get gusts clocking 55kmph.

Over the north Bay of Bengal, the gadget is probable to generate winds clocking 110kmph at its height on Tuesday evening.