Mahua Moitra

New Delhi, Aug 02: Did Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra just hide her bag during an ongoing discussion on “mehengai” (price rise/inflation) in the Lok Sabha? Well, that is what netizens believe has happened.

A video that has emerged on social media shows Trinamool Congress’s Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar speaking in the Lok Sabha and Moitra sitting right next to her. As soon as Dastidar raised the issue of price rise, Mahua Moitra, it appeared, quickly slid her Louis Vuitton bag under the table.

The video was shared by Ajit Datta on Twitter. “As the issue of “mehengai” is raised, somebody’s Louis Vuitton bag quickly slides under the bench,” he shared the video with this caption.

This clip was enough to create a hullabaloo on social media. So much so, that #LouisVuitton booked a spot on the Twitter trends list.

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The video from the incident has been spreading like wildfire. Netizens have shared the video and did not shy away from trolling the TMC MP. People couldn’t help but discuss the irony of the entire situation.

The Louis Vuitton purse that Mohua Moitra can be seen carrying in the viral video costs approximately Rs 2 lakh.