Doji Collective

1. Dambuk Festival 2023’s opening day featured a mesmerizing musical spectacle.
2. Dobom Doji Collective (DDC), led by folk singer Dobom Doji, took the spotlight.
3. The band’s fusion of folk elements created an enchanting and unforgettable experience.

Itanagar, Dec 16: The inaugural day of the Dambuk Festival 2023 unfolded as a mesmerizing musical spectacle, headlined by the Dobom Doji Collective (DDC), led by folk singer Dobom Doji from Arunachal Pradesh. The band, with its fusion of folk elements, embarked on an enchanting musical odyssey, captivating the audience and creating an unforgettable experience.

Comprising five members, with Dobom as the frontman, DDC showcased their latest release, ‘Melo Jajine,’ a reinterpretation of Moge Doji’s classic. The song delves into the ancestral narrative of migration, struggles, and settlement in the hills, aiming to revive the forgotten prayers and spirits of forefathers.

The band members, including Joe Kabak on lead guitar, Nyaamo Jini on rhythm guitar, Papu Dolo on bass, and Samuel Laye on drums, despite their brief collaboration, garnered widespread acclaim for their distinctive style and thematic richness.

The Dambuk Festival not only celebrated music but also offered an array of adventure activities, including giant swings, free falls, zip-lining, wall/rock climbing, and hot air balloons. A special car rally exclusively for women added a unique touch to the festivities.

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Adding to the nostalgic vibe, The Bombay Vikings, known for hits like “Kya surat hai,” “Woh chali,” and “Chhod do aanchal” from the ’90s indie pop era, made a triumphant return after a hiatus. Their performance on the opening day resonated with the audience, filling the air with a sense of joy and nostalgia.

Beyond music and adventure, the festival catered to culinary enthusiasts with an array of local and international cuisines. Numerous food stalls around the festival site promised a gastronomic delight, enhancing the overall experience of the attendees.