Delhi liquor scam

1. Enforcement Directorate (ED) brought Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal before the Rouse Avenue court, labeling him as the mastermind behind the Delhi liquor policy scam.
2. Kejriwal’s alleged involvement includes significant contributions to the formulation of the policy, enabling the acceptance of bribes, as per ED claims.
3. The ED’s assertions point towards Kejriwal’s central role in the scandal, emphasizing his direct involvement in the policy’s creation.

New Delhi, March 22: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) presented Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal before the Rouse Avenue court on Friday, asserting that he was the mastermind behind the Delhi liquor policy scam.

According to the ED, Kejriwal played a pivotal role in formulating the policy, which facilitated the acceptance of bribes. Vijay Nair, a middleman, allegedly acted as a link between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the south cartel, with prominent figure K Kavitha already under arrest.

Key Allegations Against Kejriwal

  1. Demand for Funds for Punjab Elections: The ED claimed that Kejriwal demanded ₹100 crore from individuals associated with the South group for the Punjab elections.
  2. Direct Involvement in Policy Formulation: It was alleged that Kejriwal personally met with Kavitha and collaborated on the liquor policy, which benefited certain groups financially.
  3. Utilization of Illicit Funds: Funds amounting to approximately ₹45 crores, acquired from the South group as proceeds of crime, were allegedly utilized by the AAP during the Goa campaign in 2021-22.

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ED’s Assertions in Court

  1. Corroboration of Claims: The ED asserted that they had corroborative evidence supporting their allegations against Kejriwal.
  2. Cash Transactions: It was claimed that significant amounts of cash changed hands, implicating Kejriwal and his associates.
  3. Testimony from Goa MLAs: MLAs from Goa allegedly testified that they received cash, further implicating Kejriwal in illicit activities.

Kejriwal’s Response

After spending the night in ED custody, Kejriwal withdrew his petition challenging his arrest from the Supreme Court. He approached the lower court instead, where he was brought amidst a crowd eagerly awaiting the proceedings.

In his initial reaction following the arrest, Kejriwal reaffirmed his dedication to serving the nation, regardless of his circumstances.