Mars rock samples

US, 14th November: In a first, the National Aeronautics and Space The administration (NASA) is an attempt to bring a sample of Mars rock back to Earth for scientists to study.

NASA released an independent review report indicating the agency is now ready to undertake its Mars Sample Return (MSR) campaign to bring pristine samples of Mars rock to Earth for scientific study.

The agency established the MSR Independent Review Board (IRB) to evaluate its early concepts for a groundbreaking, international partnership with ESA (European Space Agency) to return the first samples from another planet,” mentioned in the statement issued by NASA.

After a thorough review of the agency’s planning over the past several years, the IRB unanimously believes that NASA is now ready to carry out the MSR program, the next step for robotic exploration of Mars,” said the statement.

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover is more than halfway to Mars following its launch in July. The Perseverance rover will gather samples from Martian rocks and soil using its drill. The rover will then store the sample cores in tubes on the Martian surface.

Scientists want to analyze samples from Mars in hopes of ascertaining whether life ever existed in the planet’s lush, wet past.