baby elephant

Chennai, October 08: A heartwarming video of forest officers escorting a baby elephant to reunite with his mother has gone viral on social media platforms.

The incident took place in Tamil Nadu after an injured baby elephant was discovered by the forest team.

Notably, the elephant was rescued by foresters after it fell into a pit. After treating the calf, they also escorted it safely back to its mother.

According to a video shared by Indian forest officer Sudha Ramen, the elephant calf can be seen walking attentively and happily along with foresters in the jungle, as if it knew where they are going.

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This little calf happily walks to get reunited with its mother guarded with Z+ security of the Tamilnadu Foresters team. Earlier the calf was found alone & injured. TN forest team rescued, treated, and escorts the little one to join with the mother,” Sudha Ramen captioned the video.