Friends surprise wedding couple with a huge gift but there is a twist | Watch the video

Viral, Dec 8: Wedding season in India has started and video of the occasion are all the rage right now. While many videos of the bride and groom go viral every day, one hilarious video is currently making the rounds on social media where the groom’s friends can be seen bringing an unusual gift for the newly-wed couple during their wedding reception.

In the video which is going viral on Social Media, many of the groom’s friends can be seen carrying a huge box to the stage, decorated with flowers. The friends struggled to get the box on the stage and later when they reached the couple, also posed with it for pictures. The popular song ‘Yaro Ne Mere Vaste‘ by Rajeev Raja could also be heard in the background of the video.

However, the twist was that the box was empty as the groom understood much later. It was later revealed that it was a prank that the friends played on the groom. As soon as everyone realized what happened, they all burst out laughing on stage.