Goalpara child-friendly

Goalpara, Oct 30: The police stations in the district of Goalpara have set up special child-friendly corners, in view of Assam’s Police commitment towards child-friendly policing.

All 12 police stations in Goalpara have been equipped now with special child-friendly rooms. ‘Shishu Mitra Kendras’ have been specially set up at every police station in the district to give children a friendly manner and fearlessness in a healthy environment.

The special child-friendly corners are built at each police station under the supervision of District Superintendent of Police V V Rakesh Reddy with a healthy environment and various facilities applicable to children have been installed at the corners.

According to the police, every child has the right to express his views amicably in a healthy environment without frightening the police.

Keeping that objective in mind, Shishu Mitra Rooms have been set up in every police station in the district.

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Various sports items, including colourful cartoons, pictures, and video games, have been painted on the walls of the special rooms so that every child comes to the police station and gets the environment contrary to the traditional environment of the police station.

According to reports, police officers and constables on duty in every police station of the district, especially women constables, have already been trained in “soft skills” on how to develop friendly relations with children so that they can express their views fearlessly against the traditional atmosphere of the police station.

It is to be noted that Goalpara has become the first district in the state to be open by setting up child-friendly corners in all 12 police stations.