Goat runs away with files from block office in Kanpur | Watch video

Kanpur, Dec 4: In a hilarious incident that happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, a goat entered a room in the Chaubepur development block office and fled with a file in its mouth. When employees noticed the file in the goat’s mouth, they ran after it to get the official documents back.

The incident happened at the office of the Panchayat Secretary in Chaubepur block.

A black goat entered a vacant room and came outside with a file pressed in its mouth. As soon as an employee spotted the file in the goat’s mouth, he began chasing the animal.

A video of the hilarious incident has gone viral on social media. In the 22-second video from Kanpur, a few employees can be seen basking in the sun outside the Panchayat Secretary’s office away from the goat. One of them is seen running after the goat.