Government offices in Assam to resume functioning
Government offices in Assam to resume functioning.

Government offices in Assam resume functioning amid lockdown:

Guwahati, April 21: Government offices in Assam to resume functioning. Amid the novel Coronavirus lockdown, all the government offices in Assam have resumed functioning from Tuesday with a 33 percent workforce.

The government offices including the Assam secretariat have started functioning by following all the orders given by the government.

According to the state government directive, all officials from the post of deputy secretary and above are to attend mandatorily in Assam secretariat and for directorates, the assistant director and above officials are to attend and assistant commissioner and above are to attend for other corporations.

Only 33 percent of employees of third and fourth grade will be allowed to attend, for which the higher officials will make roosters.

Government offices in Assam to resume
Government offices in Assam to resume functioning.

Adequate precautionary measures have been made in the Assam Secretariat and other government offices to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

For the employees of the Assam secretariat, the state government has provided transport facilities by arranging 16 buses.

Sushmita Kakati, Deputy Secretary of General Administration Department and Secretariat Administration Department said that, adequate precautionary measures have been taken in the entrance gate and each block of the Assam Secretariat.

“It is mandatory that, every employee has to wash their hands and we have provided hand sanitizers also. In front of every gate of each block of Assam secretariat, we are taking thermal temperature and the health officials have been deployed. We have provided sanitizers and hand wash to every department and employees sitting arrangement has been done such as they can maintain social distancing norms,” Sushmita Kakati said.

She also said that, 16 buses have been arranged in different routes for the employees and it is mandatory to wear a mask at the workplace.