1. Guwahati hits 40°C, per Regional Meteorological Centre.
2. The heatwave continues, marking the scorching day.
3. Temperature surge grips the city in sweltering conditions.

Guwahati, May 24: Guwahati finds itself sweltering under the oppressive heat today, with the mercury soaring to a blistering 40°C, as per reports from the Regional Meteorological Centre in the city.

This relentless surge in temperature adds another chapter to the ongoing heatwave gripping Guwahati, marking one of the most scorching days in recent memory.

Not just Guwahati, but Dispur, a prominent locality within the city limits, also experienced the same 40°C temperature, while areas surrounding Guwahati Airport and IIT Guwahati witnessed marginally lower yet stifling temperatures hovering at 39°C.

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In the annals of Guwahati’s weather history, crossing the 40°C threshold has been a rare occurrence, happening only thrice before, twice in April 2014 and once in May 1960.

The highest temperature ever recorded in the city stands at 40.6°C, documented in April 2014, with the peak May temperature clocking in at 40.3°C, according to data from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

Looking towards the horizon, IMD’s projections offer a glimmer of hope, forecasting a minor respite as temperatures are expected to plateau at 38-39°C on May 25. Subsequently, from May 26 onward, a notable decline in temperature is anticipated, bringing it down to a more bearable range of 30-34°C.

With the heatwave persisting, residents are strongly advised to take necessary precautions, including staying well-hydrated and minimizing exposure to direct sunlight, especially during peak hours.

The promised cooldown later in the week is poised to bring much-needed relief to the populace grappling with the sweltering conditions.