Guwahati murder

Guwahati, Feb 20: A shocking murder case similar to that of Shraddha Walkar has been reported in the city of Guwahati in Assam.

A woman allegedly killed her husband and mother-in-law before cutting them up and then storing their body parts in the refrigerator.

According to reports, the murder of the mother-son duo by the woman came to light on Sunday (February 19), seven months after the murder took place.

The incident has been reported from the Noonmati locality in Guwahati city of Assam.

The murders are believed to have been the result of an extra-marital relationship that the accused woman had with another man. The accused woman has been identified as Bandana Kalita, who reportedly has confessed to committing the crime, police said.

The accused had cut the bodies of the two victims and stuffed the parts inside a refrigerator, reports stated.

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Three days after the murder, the accused dumped the bodies of the victims near Dawki in Meghalaya.

Diganta Borah, Commissioner of Police, Guwahati said that There was a report of 2 missing persons – mother and son. This report was lodged in out police station in month of July last year and subsequently, in the month of November there was another FIR submitted by another relative, suspecting that these two missing persons may have been abducted or kidnapped. Accordingly, Guwahati police carried out an investigation but there was not much progress during the investigation. Subsequently, one week back these two cases were bought to our notice and when we reviewed these two cases, we re-examined the complaints as well as the information about the missing persons. During the review, we notice that there were a lot of inconsistencies in the information that as the wife of the missing person and she also happened to be the daughter-in-law of another missing person. During sustained interrogation, finally, the lady confessed that she along with two of her associates killed her husband and mother in law. And cut the body into pieces and exposed the body parts of some areas of Meghalaya. This murder took place on different dates. The first murder . i.e. the murder of my mother-in-law took place on the 26th of July last year. After the first murder, the body parts were disposed of in Meghalaya near Sohra. Her husband was murdered by the 3 culprits on the 17th of august last year again in a similar manner, the body parts were cut into pieces and disposed of near Dawki which is also in Meghalaya. With the help of the central team and the location informed by the 3 culprits, we have recovered the body parts of the mother-in-law. Our operation will continue for the recovery of the remaining parts of the husband. As well as the other evidence which needs to be collected for the investigation.”

The prime accused in the matter, Bondona Kalita committed the murder along with her lover and another friend.

They ganged up to viciously murder her husband Amarjyoti Dey and mother-in-law, Shankari Dey. It may be noted that the mother-son duo, the victims in the case, were reported missing since August last year.

Following the arrest of Bondona Kalita, the spine-chilling murder case came to the fore.

The accomplices of Bondona Kalita, who helped her in committing the murder have been identified as Arup Deka and Dhanjit Deka. They helped in killing the two and later in disposing of the bodies.