Health workers

Guwahati, July 20: Health workers across the country are working flat out to vaccinate the people against the COVID-19, and vaccination drive against the virus is continued in Assam also.

Determined to do their duties the health workers in Assam’s Dima Hasao district visiting hard to reach remote areas in the hill district to inoculate vaccine.

A team of health workers of doctors undertook a strenuous journey, crossing a river on their way to reach Ditkkchera in the hill district to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to the people of the remote area.

According to the reports, by taking their lives at the risk a team of health workers of Harangajao PHC headed by Dr. Kishore Kemprai had crossed the Jatinga river on a boat to reach the Ditokkchera area for COVID-19 vaccination.

Dr. Kishore Kemprai said that it’s a very difficult task for them to reach out to the people who are living in the remote hill areas, but all health workers are doing their jobs for vaccination drive to fight against the Coronavirus.

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“In many times we have crossed river, trekked hills areas to reach the remote villages. It is our duty to provide vaccines to all eligible persons,” Dr. Kishore Kemprai said.

To reach the remote villages and vaccinate people, they have crossed the rivers several times on dumper trucks, JCB, and on foot when the water level receded.

To be mentioned that, earlier many villagers have lost their lives while crossing the river.