Amravati rain

Amravati, Aug 09: Amravati has been witnessing heavy rain for the past few days. A tractor carrying 5 people down in the water. 2 of them save their life but 3 washed away in standing the heavy water flow in the river.

The incident took place in the Nandgaon Khandeshwar area of Amravati district. The Bembala river is flowing over the danger level and causing floods in the area.

In the incident, the driver of the tractor tried hard to cross the bridge but failed in front of nature.

The video is clearly visual that the three persons were sitting next to the driver. The people standing outside were shouting and asking the people to jump out of the tractor. But the people sitting inside the tractor couldn’t read a sign and lost their life.

In the other incident, a Tata Sumo car parked near the river shore was also drawn in the heavy flow of the water.

In the video, it was captured that a car of devotees who went to worship load shiva on the border of Madhya Pradesh has been washed away in the water.

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The incident took place near Morshi tehsil of Amravati district. It can be seen that the devotees went to worship inside the temple and in a few hours, the very heavy caused the flood in Malu river.

In the video, it can be seen that Tata Sumo was parked near a pillar but the water flow was so high that the pillar couldn’t stop the car. The car vanished within a few seconds.