Horrific death of pregnant woman and twins in Arunachal

Arunachal, September 29: A pregnant woman from East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh, with her two unborn babies, died this morning at Heema Hospital of Itanagar. The accident took place due to the negligence of the doctors.

Mrs. Jerang, wife of Sanju Jerang, died of excessive bleeding with two babies in her womb, while the doctors neglected her case. Her relatives claimed that they waited for the doctors for a long duration but no one responded. And it is due to the negligence of the doctors and medical staff of the hospital, that the lady succumbed on the way to another hospital.

According to a relative of the deceased, the Pregnant woman was taken seriously ill on the 18th of September. She wasn’t able to breathe properly and so they contacted Dr Posting Bayang and briefed him about her condition. Dr Bayang was taking care of the patient for a long time. He was also in charge of her regular check-ups. When he was contacted, he suggested them to meet Dr Bagra who is a gynaecologist at Niba Hospital, Naharlagun. He recommended this hospital as most of the private hospitals were closed as their staffs tested positive for coronavirus.

The condition of Mrs Jerang was improving as Dr Bagra conducted all the tests. But on 28th September, 2020, at 3 am in the morning, her health started deteriorating. They tried contacting Dr Bayang at 5:40 am but didn’t get any response. So the family decided to take the lady to Heema hospital. Now, the staff of Heema Hospital said that emergency doctors aren’t available and so they shifted her to Rama Krishna Mission and there they found an emergency doctor.

However, since the lady was bleeding profusely, the doctor Rama Krishna Mission referred them to Tomo Riba Institute of Medical science (TRIHMS), lone medical college of Naharlagun. He gave her an injection and saline. Soon, their family doctor received the call and asked them to bring her to Heema Hospital and assured them that he would visit soon. On reaching Heema Hospital again, they were turned down at the gate. The family members of the lady had to threaten the nurses to get her admitted to the hospital. The hospital authorities were also adamant in conducting the COVID test, resulting negative. Later, when the doctor finally arrived, he told them that he did not have all the instruments and machines required for the treatment and asked them to take her to TRIHMS, which is at a 30 mins distance from Itanagar.

Her husband, Sanju Jerang appealed everyone to be careful while choosing private hospitals. He said that timely medical care could have saved the pregnant woman and the twin babies in her womb. Medical Superintendent of Heema Hospital, Dr Kesang Wangdi Thingdok, said that due to corona cases among their staffs, they are working with a lower strength. He said that due to the early hours, emergency doctors as well as equipment for COVID testing wasn’t available. This is the reason behind referring the patient to TRIHMS. Dr Posting Bayang said that he was attending some other patient’s surgery. He clarified that he arrived at the hospital even during the odd hours but the patient was already critical by then. He also mentioned that the patient was having some pre-medical conditions.