Vice-President of India

New Delhi, Aug 06: Vice-President of India is the second highest constitutional position in the country.

The Vice-President is elected with the aid of using an electoral manner wherein all of the participants of Parliament—Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha take part withinside the contest and vote via a mystery ballot.

The Vice President is likewise the chairperson of the Rajya Sabha. This time, all of the MPs will vote on Saturday to go with the subsequent Vice President of India in a competition among NDA candidate Jagdeep Dhankhar and Opposition nominee Margaret Alva.

The polling will take place between 10 am and 5 pm, followed by the counting of votes on the same day. The next Vice President of India will take oath on August 11, a day after the tenure of the incumbent V-P M Venakish Naidu ends.

Who elects the Vice President of India?

The Vice President is elected with the aid of using an electoral university wherein the participants of each of the Houses of Parliament vote for the second highest constitutional office in the country using the proportional representation system and a single transferable vote through a secret ballot.

The electoral manner for the election of the vice-president includes the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha participants. Rajya Sabha has a complete of 233 elected participants and 12 nominated, at the same time as the decreased residence has 543 elected participants and a pair of nominated.

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A candidate wishes 20 electors as proposers and at the least any other 20 electors as seconders for his nomination withinside the Vice President elections. The candidate additionally has to make a safety deposit of Rs15,000.

What are the eligibility criteria?

A candidate wishes to be at least 35 years vintage for the location of Vice President of India. They additionally ought to be Indian residents and satisfy all of the necessities for the club of the Upper House. Candidates retaining profit-making roles with the authorities of India or a state government are not eligible to become Vice President.

How votes are counted?

The quantity of first-preference votes obtained with the aid of using every MP is determined. Then, the calculated numbers are introduced collectively and divided with the aid of using two, one is introduced to the quotient, dismissing any remainder. The end result is the quota required for a candidate to run withinside the election for the location of Vice President of India.

The candidate is said elected if the overall quantity of votes credited to any candidate on the give up of the primary or any next rely on is identical to or extra than the quota.

The elections for the President and Vice President are tightly monitored and there’s no idea of open vote casting in this election. Showing the ballot to all of us below any instances withinside the case of presidential and vice-presidential elections is definitely prohibited, the EC has cautioned, including that events can not problem whips to their MPs withinside the rely upon vote casting.

Voting for the Vice President election will take vicinity in Parliament, in contrast to the presidential polls wherein vote casting takes vicinity in a couple of places as elected MLAs, now no longer nominated, additionally shape a part of the electoral university.