In The Wake Of Violence, Tripura Government Imposes Curfew, Internet Snapped In Amravati

Tripura, Nov 14: In the wake of violence in Mumbai, the Tripura Government has imposed a curfew and have snapped internet In Amravati. On Sunday, Nivedita Chaudhary, the BJP’s rural district president, affirmed a decision regarding the Amravati district bandh. Dozens of people gathered on the roads of Rajkamal Chowk, around 670 kilometres from Mumbai during Saturday morning while it was observed.

Many of the participants were seen carrying saffron flags in their hands and shouting slogans. According to police, some people of the crowd threw stones at stores in Rajkamal Chowk and other locations, and cops used lathi charges to bring the scenario under control.

Following away stone-pelting events on Friday and Saturday, additional police commissioner Sandip Patil released directives enforcing a curfew inside the city limits under sections 144(1), (2), and (3) of the CrPc to prevent such adverse incidents.

Under these regulations, people are not permitted to go out of their homes except during medical situations. According to the ruling, gatherings of more than five people are not permitted. Stone pelting was witnessed throughout Muslim organisations’ protests in Amravati, Nanded, Malegaon, Washim, and Yavatmal on Friday to condemn occurrences in Tripura.

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In connection with Friday’s disturbances, police have arrested 20 persons and detained four others after filing FIRs on various offences, involving rioting.

On Friday, around 8,000 people assembled from outside the district collector’s office in Amravati to deliver a statement seeking an end to crimes against Tripura’s minority community.

Stone pelting occurred between Chitra Chowk and Cotton Market, within the bounds of Kotwali police station, while people were exiting after presenting the statement. Sanjay Raut, a Shiv Sena MP, launched an attack on the opposing party, BJP, on Saturday, alleging that the violence in Amravati and other locations was aimed at destabilising the MVA administration.

Raut told reporters in Aurangabad that the state administration is “firmly in the saddle” and that the true faces of those who perpetrate violence will be revealed shortly.

Nana Patole, the state Congress chief, accused the BJP of planning disturbances ahead of the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh next year. He said that the BJP is attempting to polarise society ahead of the next elections in Uttar Pradesh. Such approaches should not be used against people.

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Certain anti-social individuals are attempting to abrogate the atmosphere by throwing stones at shops, as per Amravati district guardian minister Yashomati Thakur.

The state government is to take appropriate steps. Some people, however, are exploiting this for political benefit. The authorities expressed their displeasure with the rumours and urged people not to believe them. In the discussion of the peace committee, the minister also asked all party leaders to work for peace.

The former chief minister of Mumbai mentioned that the Tripura government and local police have stated that no religious buildings belonging to a minority community were destroyed in the fire. They’ve also released images of the same. He implored both groups to exercise moderation.