Cyclone Coast

Cyclone Mocha, May 10: The Indian Coast Guard is gearing up for the arrival of Cyclone Mocha, which has been indicated by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). The weather update is being shared with fishermen and civil administration to ensure everyone is aware of the impending danger.

The ICG units in West Bengal and Odisha have been placed on high alert and are on standby to meet any eventuality.

Cyclones are a common occurrence in the Bay of Bengal region, but with climate change, their frequency and intensity have increased in recent years. The Indian Coast Guard has been at the forefront of providing assistance during these natural disasters.

They have a well-coordinated response mechanism in place, which includes the deployment of ships, aircraft, and personnel to carry out search and rescue operations.

The Indian Coast Guard’s efforts have been lauded for their swift response in saving lives and property during Cyclone Amphan, which hit the region in May 2020.

They were able to rescue over 1,000 fishermen and evacuate over 5,000 people from the affected areas. The Coast Guard also distributed relief materials, such as food, water, and medical supplies, to the affected communities.

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With Cyclone Mocha looming over the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Coast Guard is once again on high alert. The weather warning is being announced through ICG ships on patrol and aircraft on surveillance to ensure that everyone is aware of the situation. The Coast Guard’s units in West Bengal and Odisha are closely monitoring the situation and are ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

In addition to their response mechanism, the Indian Coast Guard has been actively involved in promoting safety and awareness among fishermen and coastal communities. They conduct regular safety drills, provide weather updates, and distribute safety equipment, such as life jackets, to fishermen.

The Indian Coast Guard’s efforts in preparing for Cyclone Mocha demonstrate their commitment to serving and protecting the people of India. Their quick response, expertise, and dedication to their duties are commendable. The public can rest assured that the Indian Coast Guard is always ready to face any challenge, including natural disasters like Cyclone Mocha.