London tricolour

London, Watch 20: After the removal of India’s national flag on Sunday afternoon by pro-Khalistani protestors, the Indian High Commission in London has retaliated with a larger tricolour. A representative of the Indian High Commission was seen in a widely circulated social media video grabbing the tricolour from a radical Sikh activist and tossing the Khalistani flag.

According to mission officials, the “attempted but failed” attack was stopped, and the tricolour was now flying “grander,” as per the media report. A Khalistani banner that a demonstrator was observed holding from the ledge of the first-floor window was thrown away by the official, who was praised for addressing the separatist forces.

The tricolour flying atop the Indian High Commission in London was pulled down by a group of protesters waving separatist Khalistani flags and chanting pro-Khalistani slogans on Sunday, triggering outrage in India.

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India on Sunday night summoned the British deputy high commissioner and demanded an explanation over the complete “absence of security” after videos of pulling down of the Indian flag at the Indian mission in London during a protest by pro-Khalistan elements emerged on social media.

In a strongly-worded statement, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said India finds “unacceptable” the indifference of the UK government to the security of Indian diplomatic premises and personnel in the UK.

“An explanation was demanded the complete absence of British security that allowed these elements to enter the High Commission premises. She was reminded in this regard of the basic obligations of the UK Government under the Vienna Convention,” the MEA statement said.

In a tweet, High Commissioner Ellis said, “I condemn the disgraceful acts today against the people and premises of the @HCI_London – totally unacceptable.” Images of shattered windows and men climbing the India House building were circulating on social media and videos from the scene showed an Indian official grabbing the flag from a protester through the first-floor window of the mission, while the protester was seen waving a Khalistani flag hanging off its ledge.

Four aides of absconding Sikh radical preacher Amritpal Singh have been brought to Assam’s Dibrugarh district on Sunday, according to police sources.