Jagun Boy Rescued By Indian Army From Joining ULFA-I

Assam, Nov 19: Using specific input, the Jagun Indian Army launched a well-coordinated and well-planned operation on Thursday, rescuing a young boy from joining the ULFA-I. Bapu Das (28), a resident of the Dhubri district, has been identified as the young boy who joined the group.

Following his counselling, he was released and returned to his family. He then reached out to the United Liberation Front of Asom-I by way of their social media handles, after which he drove from Dhubri all the way to Jagun to join the group.

Meanwhile, in a ceasefire extension with effect from Sunday (November 14), the ULFA-I has extended it for another three months. General Paresh Asom, president of the United Liberation Front of Asom-I, issued a statement to the media today expressing his support for the continuing ceasefire in Assam.

This three-month period will be a period of suspension of all armed activity for the ULFA-I. He appealed to the ULFA-I on May 10, 2021, after taking an oath to sit across the negotiating table from him.

A three-month ceasefire was announced by the ULFA-I on May 14 this year in response to the Chief Minister’s call. It was announced on August 14 that the United Liberation Front of Asom-I and the government forces had extended their ceasefire for three months. In the second term of the BJP-led coalition at Dispur, the outfit has extended the ceasefire twice.