Assam Police drug

Guwahati, Aug 05: Assam Police has decided to use a Phir Hera Pheri meme to warn the drug mafia and strengthen its fight against narcotics. The page shared a picture from the mass drug burning site with a picture of Kachra Seth from the movie Phir Hera Pheri.

This is not the first time but these days, police departments of states are using creative ways to raise awareness about issues. Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi police are all known for their witty and cheeky social media posts, aimed at protecting citizens and raising awareness about rules.

In the background, there is an image that shows Assam Police’s mass disposal of drugs as a whole bunch of drugs go up in flames.

The character, played by Manoj Joshi, is seen smelling a pack of drugs and says the lines, “Kadak maal hai.” However, Assam Police changed the dialogue and wrote, “Kadak maal tha.”

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“Ganja Heroin – All gone in the flames! To all the Kachra Seths around, here’s some news for you: We’ll continue our offensive against drug trafficking, across the state,” the police wrote while using hashtags “War on drugs” and “Assam against drugs”.

 The pot has gone viral, and people loved the creative and informative message.