Kolkata: Abhishikta crossing metro construction

Kolkata, Feb 4: One of the important junction of the EM Bypass, Abhishikta crossing may close for six months to allow construction work of the ongoing New Garia-Airport Metro project.

As per the source, the decision will be implemented within the next couple of days.

Police are taking all the steps to avoid ruckus, vehicles will be asked to use the new culvert, which has been created by KMDA for this purpose. The additional police force will also be deployed. The initial blockade will take place closer to the Kalikapur Bridge and away from the main crossing.

A senior official of the Kolkata Traffic Police said, “Although the temporary pedestrians will suffer a little, some alternative measures have been taken in the public interest. We will always be engaged in the service of the people, everyone’s cooperation is desirable.”

According to the Kolkata Traffic Police, several possible plans are being taken to handle the traffic jam in the area.  These are, you can’t take a direct right turn from Abhishikta more on the road from Jadavpur police station to EM Bypass.  Instead of turning right from the Abhishikta more, the cars will be turned to the left towards Ruby.

The vehicles that want to go to Jadavpur police station from Ruby crossing will be sent straight to Kalikapur from Abhishikta crossing without taking a right turn.

After that, the vehicles will be turned towards Abhishikta with a U-turn near Kalikapur crossing.

For now, Lal Bazar, headquarter is thinking of handling traffic jams in this manner.  However, keeping in view the traffic congestion in the next few months, additional traffic sergeants will be deployed in the area from Ruby to the Kalikapur area, Lal Bazar sources said. A large number of local police personnel will also be deployed from concerned police stations.

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A few days back, a four-day trial run of the new traffic diversion plan at the Abhishikta crossing in Kolkata to allow construction work of the ongoing New Garia-Airport Metro project took place.

The Purba Jadavpur traffic guard will be conducted the trial only for the south-bound carriageway (moving towards Garia).