Kolkata police is going to open the country's first anti-bank fraud police station

Kolkata, Feb 27: Kolkata Police is all set to open the first anti-bank fraud police station in the style of the cyber police station to curb all those crimes.

A few days ago, the Kolkata Police had sent a proposal to open a new police station to the Home Department of the state government of West Bengal.

As per the source, after accepting the proposal, the Kolkata Police has already started the work of opening a new police station.

After the election, the new anti-bank fraud police station may be opened at Lalbazar, headquarter of Kolkata Police by 2021.

This is going to be the third special police station in Lalbazar after the r STF Police Station and Cyber Police Station there.

With the launch of this new police station, the Kolkata Police will probably be the first police commissioner in the country to have a special police station to investigate allegations of bank fraud only.

Till now, the Anti-Bank Fraud Section under the detective Division of the Kolkata Police has been working to investigate all bank fraud allegations.

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But this time, if that department is transformed from a section to a police station the police claimed that the progress of the investigation will increase manifold.

An official of the detective department said that if the section is converted into a police station, this time they will have the power to make an FIR themselves.

After filing a written complaint with the concerned police station for so long, they could have taken charge of the investigation if necessary.

But from now on, as they are going to have their own police station, according to 154 CRPC, they can start the investigation by filing a case as per their own power.

Besides, the number of troops will be increased and the infrastructure will also be improved.

According to the rules, the police station should have its own lockup also.

So finally, the Anti-Bank Fraud Section is going to be a full-fledged police station very soon.

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Where the responsibility will be handled by experienced selected officers in the investigation of allegations of bank fraud.

The Kolkata Police thinks that if work is started in this special police station, there will be a noticeable decrease in crimes like bank fraud.