Ratan Tata

Pune, Dec 6: Businessman Ratan Tata has won the hearts of netizens as he was spotted visiting a former employee in Pune. The heart-warming gesture shown by the 83-year-old Tata scion came to light after Yogesh Desai, CEO at Primaverse, shared a post on LinkedIn.

Tata was photographed by Desai at Pune’s Friends Society where he is seen with the family of one of the former employees at Tata. In his LinkedIn Post, Desai said that the entrepreneur had traveled from Mumbai to Pune to visit a former employee who has been keeping unwell for two years. Desai praised the Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons and called him a “living legend”, and “the greatest businessman alive in India” for visiting his former employee in Pune all the way from Mumbai.

Desai further said that “this is how legends are made, with no media, no bouncers but only commitment towards loyal employees. This gesture of Tata should come as a lesson for all entrepreneurs and businessmen that money is not everything and all that matters is being a great human being.”

Last year, Ratan Tata shared a personal story for a post for Humans of Bombay. The post went viral for showing a never-before-seen side of an otherwise public figure. Ratan opened up about his parents’ divorce which affected him and his elder brother’s childhood.

He also shared how his grandmother was a guiding light in his life who taught him the importance of maintaining dignity especially when the times were hard. He also opened up about the time when he was almost going to get married but could not.