Man given Covaxin vaccine as first shot, Covishield during the second visit to hospital

UP, April 15: A man in the Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh was allegedly administered shots of two different Covid vaccines, Covaxin vaccine as the first shot, Covishield during the second visit to the hospital.

The man, Umesh, works as a driver for the Chief Development Officer (CDO), Maharajganj, Gaurav Singh Sogarwal.

Three people who work as drivers for CDO — Chandan Kushwaha, Umesh, and Ardali Madan — went to a district hospital to get the second dose of vaccine. They had all received Covaxin shots for the first dose.

When he went to get the second dose at the hospital, Umesh was administered Covishield vaccine instead of Covaxin, while the other two – Chandan and Ardali–were not given the second dose after the incident came to light.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) AK Srivastava clarified that no side effect has been seen due to the mixup. “However, this incident should not have happened and all the health workers have been instructed to give a second dose of the same vaccine [beneficiaries were] administered before,” he added.