Man uses a pressure cooker to dry hair, watch the video of this desi jugaad

India, Dec 1: A desi man’s technique to dry his hair with a pressure cooker in the absence of a hairdryer has left netizens in splits. He used a pressure cooker to dry his hair. This is what you do when you can’t find a solution to a problem, you come up with a jugaad to make things work out for you.

In the video, someone can be seen holding the pressure cooker as the man dries his hair using its steam. He also styles his hair with the help of steam.

While many netizens were in stitches after watching the video, others pointed out that the jugaad was risky.

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Last month, a video of a man using desi jugaad to make a seat for himself in a train created a buzz on social media. A video of him using a bedsheet to make a hammock in the train’s coach had gone viral.

He tied one end of the bedsheet to a luggage holder and the other to a seat in the middle of the coach. The man then climbed onto his makeshift seat and made himself comfortable as other passengers looked at him in disbelief.