Manipur: Climate education in Indian schools curriculum

Manipur, 1st December: A nine-year-old climate change activist from Manipur, Licypriya Kangujam urges that India should make climate education compulsory for all.

Licypriya first heard about climate change when she was five-years-old. It was then when she accompanied her father to raise funds for the victims of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake.

In 2016, Licypriya moved from Manipur to Delhi. She was shocked by the poor air quality of Delhi. In the year 2018 and 2019, Licypriya could witness two cyclones in Odisha, Titli, and Fani. She was devastated to see her house being damaged by the cyclones. She said all of these experiences turned her into an outspoken child, who strongly talked about climate change.

Licypriya has been protesting outside the Parliament house in Delhi. She has been demanding compulsory climate education in schools and also stricter laws to fight against climate change.

The 9-year-old activist also started ‘The Child Movement,’ it aims to raise awareness about climate change as well as natural disasters. Licypriya has travelled around 32 countries and spoke to 400 institutions about climate change.

Although slowly, Licyproya has been recognized in India for her contribution towards climate change. She became the youngest recipient of TN Khoshoo Memorial Award of 2020. The award is given in honour of the founder. Late TN Khoshoo, a well-known environmentalist. However, Licypriya’s prime concern is that due to the lack of a climate change curriculum in the schools, the children from her generation does not know much about their surroundings. She has made three immediate demands to tackle the problem of Climate Change.

Firstly, strong climate change laws should be passed. Secondly, a minimum of 10 trees should be planted by every Indian student. And lastly, every Indian student should plant 10 trees every year, which will make around 3.5 billion trees, owing to 350 million students of the country.

Practice what you preach goes hand-in-hand with Licypriya as she minimizes flight travel, uses public transport, has given up on meat and avoid food wastage.

Licypriya believes that age does not matter when one is brave enough to make a difference.