Manipur High Court

1. Manipur High Court employed AI, particularly ChatGPT, to resolve Md Zakir Hussain v. State of Manipur.
2. Justice A Guneshwar Sharma credited AI for overturning the dismissal of a Village Defence Force (VDF) personnel.
3. The AI’s insights played a pivotal role in ensuring justice and adherence to legal principles.

Imphal, May 24: The Manipur High Court utilized artificial intelligence (AI), specifically ChatGPT, to address a crucial service matter in Md Zakir Hussain v. State of Manipur.

Justice A Guneshwar Sharma, overseeing the case, credited the innovative use of AI for overturning the dismissal of a Village Defence Force (VDF) personnel. The Court’s decision aimed to uphold justice and legal principles.

Initially seeking clarification from the government counsel regarding disengagement orders, Justice Sharma turned to Google and ChatGPT for further insights when responses were lacking.

“In these circumstances, this Court is compelled to do extra research through Google and ChatGPT 3.5 and collect some important information,” noted the judge in the order.

AI assistance revealed the vital role of the Village Defence Force (VDF) in enhancing local security, particularly in rural areas, against threats like insurgent activities and communal tensions. Constituted under the Manipur Police, the Village Defence Force (VDF) comprises dedicated volunteers from local communities.

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Further investigation unearthed an Office Memorandum from the Home Department of Manipur, outlining service conditions for VDF personnel.

The memorandum stressed the necessity of issuing a show cause notice before taking action against VDF members.

Upon thorough review, the Court found the disengagement order to violate principles of natural justice.

Consequently, it ordered the immediate reinstatement of the petitioner, setting a significant legal precedent in service matters.

Advocate Ajmal Hussain represented the petitioner, with Government Advocate Shyam Sharma appearing on behalf of the State.