Bangladeshi MP

1. West Bengal police suspect Bangladeshi MP Anwarul Azim Anar lured to Kolkata flat, killed by contract killers.
2. Investigation also probes the role of a US citizen allegedly paying ₹5 crore for the murder.
3. Anwarul Azim Anar was last seen entering a New Town flat; police examine the honeytrap scenario.

Kolkata, May 24: The West Bengal police suspect Bangladeshi MP Anwarul Azim Anar, may have been enticed into a flat in Kolkata’s New Town area by a woman before being murdered by contract killers.

In addition to exploring the honeytrap angle, the police are investigating the involvement of a US citizen in the murder.

Allegedly, this individual, a close friend of the politician, paid ₹5 crore for the killing. Presently residing in the United States, the person owns a flat in the West Bengal capital.

Anwarul Azim Anar was last seen entering a rented flat in Kolkata.

Investigators believe that he fell victim to a honeytrap laid by a woman associated with the victim’s friend.

CCTV footage retrieved by the CID showed Anar entering the flat accompanied by a man and a woman. While the duo was observed leaving and re-entering the flat, the MP did not emerge again.

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Blood stains were discovered inside the flat, along with several plastic bags used to discard body parts. Investigators suspect that the MP was initially strangled, then dismembered, with the flesh separated from the bones and mixed with turmeric powder to delay decomposition.

The body parts, packed in a trolley bag, were scattered across different locations, with some stored in a refrigerator.

To mislead family and friends, the killers sent messages from the victim’s phone, claiming he was traveling to Delhi and should not be contacted.

A Mumbai-based butcher involved in skinning and dismembering the body was apprehended by the CID.

Identified as Jihad Hawaldar, 24, he was found to be residing illegally in Mumbai. Investigation into the crime is ongoing.