1. Shillong will enforce Section 144 of the CrPC on June 4 for the Lok Sabha 2024 elections.
2. SC Sadhu, the Returning Officer and District Magistrate, confirmed the decision post a meeting with political parties.
3. This measure aims to maintain peace during vote counting, with strict regulations for political activities.

Shillong, May 24: In preparation for the General Elections to the Lok Sabha 2024, Shillong will observe the implementation of Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) on June 4.

SC Sadhu, the Returning Officer and District Magistrate of East Khasi Hills District announced this decision following a meeting with political parties on May 23.

To maintain peace and order during the vote-counting process, strict measures will be enforced.

Political parties have committed to adhering to these regulations, which include a prohibition on processions and sloganeering within the counting center premises until the completion of vote counting and declaration of results.

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Additionally, the use of loudspeakers and any form of celebratory activities by political entities or candidates will be restricted at the counting venue.

Furthermore, carrying sticks, lathis, firearms, and organizing processions or large gatherings within a one-kilometer radius of the counting center is prohibited.

The bursting and throwing of crackers on roads and in public spaces are strictly forbidden on the day of counting.

After the announcement of results, no victory processions or rallies by candidates or political parties will be permitted within the East Khasi Hills District.

Additionally, only two individuals may accompany the winning candidate or their authorized representative to receive the election certificate from the Returning Officer.

Entry into the counting hall will be restricted to individuals with valid ID cards or car passes issued by the District Election Officer, with mobile phones and cameras banned within the counting premises.

These restrictions come into effect immediately and will remain enforced until 4 pm on June 6, 2024.