Manipur KCP

1. A .32 pistol, two magazines, and four live rounds were recovered from him.
2. Items seized include two mobile phones, a grey side bag, Rs. 2,500, and a four-wheeler.
3. Joint operation by Thoubal Police and Assam Rifles led to four more KCP (PWG) arrests in Yaripok Bazar.

Imphal, May 17: Manipur Police apprehended an active member of the proscribed KCP (Taibanganba) organization in Imphal West.

The individual, identified as 48-year-old Laishram Ronen Singh, was involved in extorting money from shops in Paona and Thangal Bazar.

Arrest and Seizure

Laishram Ronen Singh was arrested during an operation that also led to the recovery of several incriminating items. The seized items included:

  • One .32 pistol along with two magazines
  • Four live rounds of ammunition
  • Two mobile phones
  • A grey side bag
  • A sum of Rs. 2500
  • One four-wheeler vehicle

The arrest marks a crucial step in curbing the extortion activities carried out by the KCP (Taibanganba) faction in the region.

Joint Operation in Thoubal

In a parallel effort, a successful joint operation by Thoubal Police and the 33 Assam Rifles (AR) resulted in the apprehension of four active members of the KCP (People’s War Group) from the bustling Yaripok Bazar area. The operation was spearheaded by the Officer-in-Charge of the Commando Unit (OC/CDO) Thoubal and conducted under the vigilant supervision of ASP (Operations) Thoubal, based on crucial intelligence inputs.

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Identification and Involvement

The individuals apprehended in Thoubal were identified as:

  • Sinam Bijen alias Mangang Meetei (38)
  • Angom Ingo alias Apa Singh (53)
  • Warepam Jayenta Singh (36)
  • Oinam Naocha alias Max Singh (24)

All suspects were found to be deeply involved with the insurgent group KCP (PWG), actively participating in various illegal activities.

Evidence Seized

During the joint operation, law enforcement authorities seized a significant cache of evidence, including:

  • Five mobile handsets
  • Two 9mm pistols with 15 live rounds
  • Five demand letters
  • 20 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition
  • Four rounds of 7.62mm ammunition
  • An A-Star car painted white

The seized items point to the extensive network and operational capabilities of the KCP (PWG) insurgent group.

Impact on Insurgent Activities

These arrests and seizures are expected to deliver a severe blow to the operational capabilities of the KCP factions in Manipur.

The operations demonstrate the commitment of the Manipur Police and security forces to maintaining law and order in the state by targeting and dismantling insurgent groups involved in extortion and other illegal activities.

Community and Security Forces Collaboration

The successful operations highlight the importance of collaboration between the community, intelligence agencies, and security forces in combating insurgency.

The community’s support in providing crucial intelligence inputs played a vital role in the success of these operations.

Future Outlook

Manipur’s law enforcement agencies continue to focus on eliminating the threat posed by insurgent groups in the region.

Ongoing efforts include gathering intelligence, conducting joint operations, and engaging with the community to ensure a safe and secure environment for all residents.

The recent successes serve as a reminder of the resilience and dedication of the security forces in their mission to uphold peace and order in the state.