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Kohima, April 10: On Sunday, a massive fire broke out in Burma Camp’s East Block in Nagaland’s Dimapur district, leaving about 900 people homeless and killing a woman in her 70s. The fire started around noon and quickly engulfed around 260 kutcha houses made of thatch. The fire spread rapidly and several fire service personnel were injured while trying to contain it as gas cylinders exploded.

The cause of the fire is unknown, and some locals are reported to be missing. Firefighters from Chumukedima, Dimapur, and Central fire stations were deployed to put out the fire, which took nearly three hours to bring under control.

Properties worth lakhs of rupees were destroyed, and the exact losses will be assessed after a detailed investigation. In 2011, the same area was devastated by a fire that claimed the lives of three people.

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The fire left many homeless, mostly laborers, who are now struggling to find shelter and basic necessities. The Nagaland state government has announced a compensation package of Rs 4 lakh for the family of the deceased and Rs 2 lakh for those who lost their homes.

The government has also arranged for temporary shelters and food supplies for the affected residents. The incident has drawn criticism from various quarters, with many raising concerns about the lack of fire safety measures and the poor quality of housing in the area.

Nagaland is no stranger to devastating fires, with the state seeing multiple incidents of major fires every year, especially during the dry season.

The state’s hilly terrain and poor road infrastructure make it difficult for firefighters to reach affected areas, and many houses in the state are made of combustible materials, which exacerbates the situation. The government needs to address the issue of fire safety and improve housing standards in the state to prevent such incidents in the future.

Additionally, it is crucial to educate people on fire safety measures and conduct regular drills to ensure that they are prepared in the event of a fire. The latest incident in Nagaland is a stark reminder of the urgent need to address fire safety and housing issues in the state to prevent such tragedies from happening again.