Temjen folk dancers

Kohima, April 26: Nagaland’s minister of higher education and tribal affairs, Temjen Imna Along, shared a video that shows him joining folk dancers at a public event and trying to keep up with their skilled moves.

The video has gone viral on social media. The video shows him joining folk dancers at a public event and trying to keep up with their skilled moves.

Along can be seen dressed in his traditional attire and enjoying the communal dance with the other dancers.

The video was shared by Along himself on Twitter, where he gave a filmy twist to his caption, writing, “Ye Baburao ka nahi Temjen Ka Style Hai 😜 Nagaland Mein Kuch Kuch Nahin, Bohut Kuch Hota hai..! Aao Kabhi Nagaland Pe… 😁”. This humorous and catchy caption has earned Along much praise and attention online.

This is not the first time that the BJP minister has grabbed headlines for his witty tweets and sense of humor. In fact, Prime Minister Modi himself has praised the BJP’s representation of Nagaland and the entire northeast on the digital platform, citing Along as a perfect example of this.

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The video of Along joining the folk dancers highlight the unique and rich cultural heritage of Nagaland and the northeast region of India.

Communal dances are a significant part of tribal celebrations in the region, and they serve as a symbol of community bonding and cultural identity.

Along’s participation in the dance not only showcases his love for his culture and tradition but also sends a message of unity and inclusivity. It reminds us that irrespective of our differences, we can come together and celebrate our diversity through music and dance.

The viral video of Temjen Imna Along joining the folk dancers in Nagaland is a reminder of the importance of cultural heritage and community bonding. It also showcases the sense of humor and down-to-earth personality of the BJP minister, who has won the hearts of many with his social media presence.