Miscreants Silchar

Guwahati, Dec 27: Several miscreants disrupted a Christmas programme at Silchar, Assam on December 25 night, police said that “Two people were detained in connection with the incident, police said. The miscreants were connected to a right-wing organization.”

Ramandeep Kaur, the Superintendent of Police for Cachar district, said two people have been arrested so far and an operation is set to detain others involved.

According to him, the incident happened during a Christmas celebration in Silchar on 25th December and legal actions are being taken against the ones found involved.

There have been reports that Bajrang Dal members stopped Hindus in Silchar town from celebrating Christmas on December 25 night, according to locals.

There are also reports of the group mistreating a few non-Christians at Silchar’s Presbyterian Church.

An online video that went viral showed a youth who claimed to be the leader of the local Bajrang Dal chapter asserting they do not have any issues with Christians celebrating Christmas.

However, they have trouble with Hindus who have gone against their “Dharma” by observing Christmas instead of observing Tulsi Divas. Historically, Tulsi Divas was also observable on December 25, but it is a little-known fact.

“Instead of observing Tulsi Divas, they were singing Merry Christmas, lighting candles, and taking pictures,” said the guy in the video.

Some miscreants threatened to close the church in Silchar town, a resident reported.

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A resident reported that they saw police personnel outside the church and later learned that miscreants threatened to close it. It is one of their yearly traditions to come here, for enjoying Eid and Christmas, they added.

In 2020, a similar incident occurred in Silchar town during the Christmas celebration when Hindus were kept out of the celebration by members of Hindu groups.