Mizoram, May 28: A meeting led by Dr R Lalthangliana, Minister of Higher & Technical Education discussed the problem faced by the students of College and University in Mizoram due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting was held at SAD Conference Hall, MINECO.

The meeting led by Dr R Lalthangliana was attended by officials from Higher & Technical Department; Mizoram University Registrar, Chief Informatics Officer, ICT Department, P&E Department, College Principals’ Council, Mizoram College Teachers’ Association, Non-Government Colleges and Mizoram University Student’s Council.

The meeting witnessed that online class is being conducted due to unavailable of regular class for a long period due to Covid-19.

The meeting discussed how the students spent a lot to buy internet data including various fees as usual. In this connection, Commissioner & Secretary, Higher & Technical will study the situation to ease the burden of students.

The meeting also discussed the problems faced by both teacher and student for online class due to poor internet connectivity and power supply.

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As the Telecom sector is under Central subject, it is difficult to take initiatives for state government, the meeting said.

Due to widening NH-54, optical fibres are damaged in many places which caused internet problems, it was revealed.

An interrupted power supply is also suffered by the mobile towers. So that, the government will form COVID-19 Task Force on Mobile & Internet Services to deal with internet connectivity.

At the meeting, Lalthlamuana, Chief Informatics Officer highlighted the importance and possibility of making an online-based Learning Management System. The Minister said that the Committee to deal with an online-based Learning Management System will be set up soon.