Aizawl, June 23: The Mizoram government asked all departments and offices to issue notifications in both English and Mizo languages to avoid misunderstanding and confusion among officials and the public for whom the notifications are intended.

The circular issued by the state general administration department (GAD) said, “It has come to the knowledge of the government of Mizoram that the practice of using either English or Mizo language in certain official documents issued by departments and offices renders the content of such documents liable to be not fully understood by the concerned officials and the public.”

Given the problems faced by the target groups in certain cases, the state government has considered ways for finding the solution.

“All departments or offices under the government of Mizoram are advised to take necessary steps for the issue of both the English and Mizo versions of the government instruments, notifications, office memoranda, etc, which are intended for the majority of the government officials or the general public,” the circular said.

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As empowered by section of Mizoram Official Language Act, 1974, the state government had already notified in August 1987 that the Mizo language shall be used in all the official purposes of the state government at all levels subject to certain conditions, the circular added.