stone quarry collapse

1. On May 28, a stone quarry collapsed at Aizawl’s Melthum and Hlimen border killing two.
2. The collapse, around 6 am, left many workers feared dead.
3. Search and rescue operations are ongoing to retrieve trapped individuals.

Aizawl, May 28: In a tragic incident on May 28, a stone quarry collapse in Aizawl’s Melthum and Hlimen border area resulted in the deaths of two individuals, as Cyclone Remal unleashed its fury across Mizoram.

The collapse, which occurred around 6 am, has left many workers feared dead, with search and rescue operations ongoing to retrieve those trapped under the rubble.

One of the deceased has been identified as a local Mizo, while the other is a non-Mizo worker. Reports indicate that many other workers, predominantly non-tribals, are still unaccounted for and presumed dead.

The collapse has also caused significant damage to several nearby houses, compounding the tragedy for the affected community.

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As emergency responders and local authorities continue their efforts to manage the disaster, this incident highlights the broader impact of Cyclone Remal, which has wrought widespread devastation across the region.

The cyclone, which began making landfall along the coasts of Bangladesh and West Bengal on the night of May 26, brought with it torrential rains and powerful winds, before moving towards northeastern India, including Mizoram.

In addition to the quarry collapse, the cyclone has triggered a series of other calamitous events across Mizoram.

A massive landslide caused by the heavy rains led to the blockage of the Lengpui Airport, severely disrupting transportation and complicating rescue and relief efforts.

Furthermore, the cyclone’s impact extended to community cemeteries, where over 20 graveyards have been affected due to collapses, causing distress among local families and compounding the community’s grief.

The Tlawng River, swollen by the incessant rainfall, has overflowed and expanded significantly at Sairang locality, leading to the inundation of homes and properties.

The force of the floodwaters was so severe that livestock, including pigs, were swept away in the Tlangnuam locality, indicating the extensive reach and power of the cyclone’s destruction.

Cyclone Remal’s impact on the region has been profound, with communities struggling to cope with the immediate aftermath and the long-term implications of such widespread damage.

The state government and various aid organizations are mobilizing resources to assist those affected, but the scale of the disaster poses significant challenges.

This developing story continues to unfold, with further details awaited as rescue operations proceed and the full extent of the damage becomes clearer.

The resilience of the affected communities will be crucial in the coming days and weeks as they navigate the recovery process, rebuild their lives, and support one another through this period of hardship.

The priority remains on ensuring the safety and well-being of those affected and mitigating the impact of future natural disasters through improved infrastructure and emergency preparedness.