Mizoram will receive 18,500 doses of COVID19 vaccine

Mizoram, Jan 14: Health Minister of Mizoram Dr. R. Lalthangliana informed that Mizoram will receive 18,500 doses of COVID19 vaccine on Thursday.

Health Minister said that Mizoram will receive the first phase of Covid19 Vaccine today by airlift. He said that the Covid-19 vaccine will be given on January 16.

We have expected the first phase of Vaccine today which will be escorted by the Police Department, The Vaccine will be kept in the Directorate of Health Offices”, said Dr. R. Lalthangliana.

Health Minister also said that the first beneficiaries will be the Healthcare workers and they have identified Healthcare workers and also set up four vaccination sites for the first phase of vaccination – Aizawl Civil Hospital, Lunglei Civil Hospital, Kulikawn Sub-District Hospital and Urban Public Health Centre at ITI Veng in Aizawl.

He also commented on NGO participation in fighting Covid-19 in the state saying that the NGO have been doing excellent work in fighting pandemic, he also said that NGO performance was great and there are nowhere to be seen in other parts of the world.

The state will be receiving the 2nd phase of the Vaccine soon.

Health Minister said that as of now is free from the new mutant strain of the novel coronavirus. The state is following same formalities for the new mutant strain of coronavirus.

Although seven people have returned from the United Kingdom, all of them have tested negative for the Covid-19.