Uttar Pradesh, March 16: You must have heard a lot of news about the dispute between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law but this time a hilarious incident come to light when a daughter-in-law called cops as mother-in-law served stale food.

The incident took place in Gorakhpur city of Uttar Pradesh.

According to media reports, the woman alleged that her mother-in-law does not give her fresh food to eat.

The reason was more surprising, actually, she said that mother-in-law keeps watching TV all day, due to which she does not cook fresh food.

The woman complained to the police on number 112. After which the PRV reached the spot and inquired about the case.

During this time, the woman alleges that her mother-in-law gave her stale food, which she will become ill after eating.

At the same time, on the whole matter, the mother-in-law says that she gives the daughter-in-law to eat fresh food but she never cooks on her own.

The police explained the matter and pacified the matter.