Nagaland converts district into COVID-19 hospitals
Nagaland converts district into COVID-19 hospitals

Nagaland converts all district hospitals into COVID-19 hospitals

Guwahati: Nagaland converts district into COVID-19 hospitals.

Principal Secretary of Nagaland Health and Family Welfare department Menukhol John said that, all district hospitals in the state are being converted into COVID-19 hospitals.

He said that by doing this the main concerns of many people are the patients who come to OPD for general emergency other than COVID-19 patients.

β€œThe department has issued instructions to all the dedicated COVID-19 hospitals to continue catering to the regular OPD cases till COVID patients are detected. The moment COVID-19 cases come into light the general patients already admitted in the districts hospitals will be relocated to the nearest health unit so that continual general health services are provided to them,” Menukhol John said.

Also on the issue relating to transporters and carriers coming in and out of the state, the top government official said that, screenings are done and movements are being monitored on a daily basis.

He further stated that all necessary steps are taken care of but if there are still some loose ends it will be addressed at the earliest.

On the level of preparedness across the state, John stated that the H&FW Principal Director had toured all the districts to carry out on the spot assessment on the ongoing COVID -19 related works and all necessary arrangement has been almost completed to convert all-district Hospitals into COVID-19 hospitals.

About the issue of testing lab in Nagaland, Kesonyu Home, convenor of the committee to set up the testing lab in the state said that setting up a testing lab is the need of the hour and Nagaland is on the process to set up a level 3 protocol which is the highest in international standards.

β€œDespite the pressing need to set up the testing lab it will take some more weeks time to set up the testing lab, as security protocol has to be maintained. The four-member committees are on the clock for this purpose and assured that this particular issue is the topmost priority of the state,” Home said.

Principal Director H&FW Vizolie Z Suokhrie also clarifying on the testing of samples said that, Nagaland is using the highest transport medium called Viral Testing Medium through which the department is transporting its sample for testing.

He said that the transport medium is reliable and that there should not be any doubt in the minds of the people.

Highlighting about converting districts hospital into COVID -19 hospitals in the entire districts Suokhrie said that, all the districts will have COVID-19 hospital.

He stated that in all the districts the converted COVID- 19 hospitals, the general OPDs are open for general and emergency services and alternative arrangements will be made if and when positive COVID cases are detected.

Also commenting on the training for doctors Suokhrie said the training is a continuous process and the training is ongoing not only for doctors but for nurse as well.

He further said that Kohima, Dimapur and Mokokchung districts hospitals are designate hospitals for training the health personals. He added that the department has already notified to all the district hospitals requiring training in ventilators and ICU techniques can sent their health personals in the training hospitals as training is already ongoing.

No positive case for COVID-19 has been detected in Nagaland so far.