Police headquarters

Kohima, July 06: The Chümoukedima Village Youth Society (CVYS) said that it is “angered” and “dumbfounded at the unethical practice” of blocking and diversion of a section road to the village by the Nagaland Police headquarters Chümoukedima.

The police have once again resorted to once again to “blatant misuse of authority by violating the citizen’s right of way by blocking and diverting a section of the RP Gate to Chümoukedima Village road for over two months,” the CVYS claimed in a press release.

The stretch of road is being nonchalantly used for stocking building materials and preparing mortar in the middle of the road for constructing a building, maintained the release from CVYS President Kedovikho Visezo and General Secretary, Rokovikho Thepa.

Initially, it was presumed that a culvert was being repaired hence the diversion was necessitated but on proper investigation, it was found to be an “act of dishonesty and trickery,” it alleged, with no regard for public property and being apathetic to the plight of the poor citizen dependent on the road for survival.

The CVYS further stated “on record” that the RP Gate-Chümoukedima Village approach road is not the Police Headquarters property and was constructed by the British Empire before India’s Independence way before its former establishment.

However, the headquarters have been imposing all sorts of restrictions over the long-established road and inconveniencing the public regularly, it said.

The concerning matter was highlighted by the Chümoukedima Village Council through a representation letter addressed to the DIGP, Border and training, Nagaland Police, and a reminder letter to follow, it added.

The letters, evidently, have failed to yield any positive action or outcome thus far, the CVYS said. In this connection, the CVYS appealed to the State’s Home Minister and DGP, Nagaland to intervene, so that the ‘conflict‘ is resolved at the earliest.

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“CVYS explicitly condemns the callousness of those in a dispensation that is responsible for this unacceptable situation and demands that the road be cleared immediately and free flow of traffic is not obstructed hereon,” it stated.

If the matter is not amicably concluded, the CVYS would be compelled to initiate “measures deemed necessary in the interest of public welfare and citizens’ right of way,” it added.