Nagaland District Administration held a meeting
Nagaland District Administration held a meeting

Coronavirus: Nagaland Tuensang District Administration held a meeting with Church leaders.

Guwahati, April 26: The Tuensang District Administration of Nagaland held a meeting with the Church leaders to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

District Administration of Tuensang district held a meeting with the Executive Secretaries of the Churches of four Tribes of Tuensang in connection with COVID-19 in the office chamber of the Deputy Commissioner Tuensang under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Kumar Ramnikant.

The DC expressed his appreciation to the CBLT for taking the initiative to sensitized and disseminate information on COVID-19 by visiting 42 Chang Villages.

To this end he urged the other executive Secretaries to replicate the same within their respective jurisprudence and also supplement government efforts while disseminating information. The Awareness Team to intensify awareness efforts by clearing the myths and imparting basic knowledge on Social Distancing Norms such as avoiding handshakes, spitting in public, washing hands, etc to every member of the village, he added.

DC encouraged the SHG/NGOs to stitch reusable masks for the villages as a measure to control the spread of the disease through improper disposal of single-use masks. Meeting discussed how to create an interactive team of people in every village as a knowledge pool and to address doubts of people regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

DC also stated the Inter-district movement after the lockdown period will result in the inward movement of people to the villages. It is to be ensured awareness to be given to the villages to avoid any social stigma associated with COVID-19 against the people entering the villages.

He also highlighted the recent ordinance approved by the center for the protection of healthcare workers under which rigorous fine and imprisonment will be imposed for violence and harassment against healthcare workers.

It should be ensured that no peer group farming is allowed, farmers are to strictly adhere to social /physical distancing norms, he also added. He advised villagers to be sensitized on the SOP for Corpse Management of COVID-19 dead body as per WHO and Ministry of Health and Family welfare, no stigmatization or discrimination should happen in any village concerning COVID-19 death.