Nagaland Govt Extends Lockdown till June 30

Nagaland, June 16: Nagaland govt has extended the COVID-19 lockdown in the state till June 30. The High Power Committee (HPC) in a meeting on Wednesday has decided to extend the Lockdown till June 30.

Situation is improving but we are still not out of the woods. Positivity rate is declining but still requires to be below 5 % & we need to vaccinate more than 50% of the population,” said Mmhonlumo Kikon, BJP National Spokesperson in a tweet.

Further, the leader said that given the circumstances the Nagaland govt will continue with the lockdown for now.

However, the respective DTF will work out the relaxation or restrictions required as per the local situation. According to reports, the High Power Committee (HPC) constituted for COVID-19 held a meeting today to discuss and access the current situation.

Earlier this month, the Nagaland state government stated on Wednesday that the state’s ongoing lockdown and restrictive measures will be prolonged until June 18, 2021.

The ongoing lockdown was supposed to end on June 11, but the state government chose to prolong it by another seven days.

The High Power Committee after thorough discussion with all the District Task Forces has decided to extend the lockdown till June 18 with further relaxations. Respective DTFs will issue necessary orders for relaxations as per the situation in the districts!” said Mmhonlumo Kikon, Nagaland government spokesperson.

In addition to the current orders, the state government imposed various additional relaxations for Kohima from June 12 to 18, 2021.

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Notably, the state government imposed various additional relaxations for Kohima from June 12 to 18, 2021.
  1. The directive said that NO-MASK NO-MOVEMENT and NO-MASK NO-ENTRY must be implemented in public places and vigorously enforced by the Kohima District Task Force and Law Enforcement agencies.
  2. Permitted stores and businesses will be able to operate from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., adhering to COVID-19 standards such as wearing face masks, hand hygiene, and physical distancing. According to the order, business owners must guarantee that there is no congestion and that cashless transactions are favoured. The main market area BOC, High School, however, will stay closed.
  3. On June 12, 14, 17, and 18, stores selling stationery, mobile phones, computer accessories, garages for car maintenance, and businesses selling motor parts will be open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  4. Restaurants and eateries are authorized to provide takeaway or food delivery. Customers must maintain social distance while waiting in line and adhere to COVID-friendly practices such as wearing face masks and hand sanitization.
  5. Regular religious services and meetings are prohibited. Prayer meetings and fellowships of no more than 20 people, however, have been permitted in accordance with rigorous COVID-19 proper conduct guidelines.
  6. School and college administrative offices with a core group of officials shall be allowed to attend to urgent and essential matters.
  7. With the consent of the respective District Task Force, core groups of private firms are permitted to meet for urgent and essential matters.
  8. New construction workers may be permitted following screening by the respective DTFs, and fresh labourers will be permitted in accordance with the terms of the new SOP for returnees and travellers issued on April 29.
  9. Depending on the needs of the local district task force for IT help during COVID-19 immunization, common service centres will be permitted to establish across the state.
  10. Taxis and auto-rickshaws will be allowed to operate on an odd-even basis. The DTF, on the other hand, may consider imposing restrictions depending on local circumstances.
  11. The bus, two-wheeler, and pillion riding services will remain suspended.