Nagaland video

Kohima, June 09: Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Along continues to captivate social media with his posts and video showcasing the beauty of the state. His recent share highlights the dedication and hard work of Naga women as they plant paddy saplings in the fields of the Phek district.

The video, which has gained significant attention, showcases a group of determined women standing in knee-deep water as they meticulously sow the saplings. Their efforts are a testament to their unity, resilience, and the essence of women’s empowerment.

In his original post, Minister Along captioned the video, “Paving the Path to Progress! The Ruzhazho women folks are a sight to behold as they plant paddy saplings in the fields of Phek district, Nagaland. Their unity and resilience symbolize the essence of women empowerment, sowing the seeds of change for a brighter future.”

Minister Along further emphasized the significance of empowering women in agriculture by stating, “Where women are empowered, there the land also smiles in the form of a good harvest!”

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The video serves as an inspiring example of the dedication and hard work exhibited by the women of Nagaland, highlighting their essential role in the agricultural sector and the progress of the region. Minister Along’s consistent efforts to showcase the beauty and untapped potential of Nagaland continue to promote the state’s cultural heritage and its people’s remarkable contributions.