Temjen Along

Kohima, March 25: Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along, who is well-known for his amusing social media posts, is skilled at communicating ideas and promoting his native state through social media.

He shared a post on Saturday in a tweet that provided a lighthearted glimpse into the state’s strategy for promoting tourism in Nagaland.

In a GIF he shared, the Nagaland minister is seen hovering in the air while wearing a superhero outfit and talking to a man.

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His tweet in Hindi, when translated to English, reads as “After Superman, Spider-Man now presents “T-Man,” where “T” means Temjen/Tourism. Want to visit Nagaland? Who wants to fly with me?”

Impressed by the cartoon, Along wrote in roughly translated Hindi, “‘T-Man’ after Superman, Spiderman! ‘T’ stands for Temjen/Tourism Let’s take a trip to Nagaland…Who wants to fly with me?? My salute to your creativity,” before asking the creator: “Shall I take this Caricature for Nagaland Tourism?”